FDA approval for wireless TCD EMS-9M

GOOD NEWS, Delica is proud to announce that we have received U.S. FDA approval for Transcranial Doppler EMS-9M, starting the process of serving the US market. 

EMS-9M is the first wireless TCD in the world. It is a light, compact, and battery-armed system. It can be used for intracranial examinations, and examinations of peripheral and microvascular districts, both in sedentary and dynamic modes.

The Mini portable TCD have three data transmission designs LAN, USB, and WIFI, The patient's cerebral blood flow data can be easily transmitted to other monitoring system or ICM analysis platforms from the University of Cambridge in real-time. Build a long-term multimodal synchronous monitoring in a limited ICU space.

Uninterrupted monitoring is crucial to the safety of stroke patients during an emergency. Delica's EMS-9M TCD could proceed with the vascular evaluation and continuous monitoring of CBFV earlier while the patients are in emergency transit.

Additionally, Delica EMS-9M is a CE and NMPA-approved medical device that is widely used in clinical applications in Europe and China.  They love this model with a good reputation.


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