Digital versatile electroencephalography

Signal Acquisition System with High-accuracy and High-reliability 

Amplifier is the most important module for EEG system to record all signals. The EEG-8102system has high-performance EEG amplifier with features of high sensitivity, strong anti-interference and etc. Introducing the technology of simultaneously sampling and holding for all electrodes, the problem with time delay for transmitting signals between electrodes will not happen. As the process of converting analog signal to digital signal is executed in the inner of the amplifier before transmitting to PC, the risk of being interfered by external noise is greatlyreduced during data transmission.

Amplitude-integrated EEG (aEEG) Trend 

Up to two channels of amplitude-integrated EEG signal can be displayed simultaneously. The aEEG gives a compressed view of the variation in amplitude of the EEG. The signal is recorded, amplified, filtered and displayed at a certain speed which can be user-defined. The aEEG trend is drawn continuously on the screen to reflect the Information on background activity (overall brain function).This technology helps more for observing patient’s brain wave change easilyand intuitively.

With aEEG technology, the EEG-8102 systemprovides the best solution for long term monitoring and is especially designed with the challenges of the ICU and neonatal ICU environment in mind. It plays an important role for early diagnosis and treatment for neonatal patients with epileptic seizure and ischemia oxygen deficiency encephalopathy 。


Density Spectral Array (DSA) Trendgraph 

Frequency components of EEG and the amplitudes of each frequency are displayed as a DSA (Density Spectral Array) trendgraph on the review screen. The DSA lets you find epileptic seizures of a specific EEG frequency band over a long period of time. A long term DSA window is also available to show detailed change in the extended trendgraph.

Up to 2 DSA trendgraph can be displayed simultaneously on the screen. You can easily find a specific EEG frequency band at a glance.

Synchronous Digital Video and EEG Waveforms 

Patient images synchronized with the EEG waveforms can be recorded in high resolution on the same screen, and video data can be synchronously saved with EEG waveforms in a hard disk. Anyvideo clip can be cut and saved as a new file. And “snapshot” function is also available.


EEG-8102 Brochure

  • EEG-8102 Brochure